Enhancing Public Safety through 3D Reality Capture

From crowd control and security at public events to analysing crash and crime scenes - we've got it covered

Enhancing Public Safety through 3D Reality Capture

Public safety takes many forms, from crowd control and security at public events to analysing crash and crime scenes. Having full visibility of evidence, threat points and environments is essential to keeping the public safe and ensuring justice for victims.

3D Reality Capture is a process of scanning and capturing a crime scene, crash, environment or public event in a digital 3D model, combining measurement and imagery to provide a detailed, accurate and complete electronic copy of the space. With the ability to analyse, fly-though, zoom-in, measure and annotate imagery, 3D Reality Capture offers an accessible technology that anyone can use.

Crash scene analysis

Clearing a crash scene, opening roads and minimising disruption is always a pressure on investigators. With laser scanners that capture all the detail in a matter of minutes, scenes can be documented in minute detail and quickly cleared. One-touch operation and automated software enables novice users to operate equipment with minimal training, while edge computing allows for scan results to be checked in minutes, ensuring crucial evidence is captured in high definition.

Evidence gathering

3D Reality Capture records every detail of a crime scene, verified and certified by automated software tools to enable its use in court. Evidence can be analysed in detail, homing in on key areas, overlaying trajectories, or providing jurors with fly-throughs so they can truly understand the scene. Crime scene degradation has always been a problem for prosecutors; jurors visiting crime scenes rarely get a true impression, but with 3D Reality Capture the scene is captured as it was, in every detail and documented ready for trial.

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