Expanding the Geospatial Future of South East Asia


The 13th South East Asia Survey Congress takes place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore from July 28 to 31, 2015.Join Leica Geosystems’ thought leaders for dynamic presentations and sessions that address prevalent geospatial trends and best practices.

Visit Leica Geosystems at Booth A1 and also get first-hand information in the plenary session, the seminar and various technical sessions during the conference:

David Dixon
Business Director, Leica Geosystems AG
Plenary Session:
Be Captivated

Bob Morton | Wong Pak Yeong
Regional Directors. Leica Geosystems Technologies
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Technical Sessions:
Rolf Schaeppi: Marine & Coastal Management Using Bathymetry LiDAR Technology
Ken Smillie: Land, Sea, and Rail: Surveying at the Speed of Light
Neil Ashcroft: Development of Automated Geodetic Structural Monitoring in Singapore
Andrej Mocicka: BIM and the Field Surveyor
Ryan Keenan: Engaging Commercial RTK Network Services for Precision and Availability
Edward Toh: Evolution of the GIS Handheld Device
Alec Yeung: Introduction to the Geomatics Partner Network
Shien-Kwun Leong: The World’s First Multi-Function Total StationVisit Booth A1 and get a chance to meet them all!

To register for the event and see session dates and times click on the link below:


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