So you are thinking about getting into laser scanning Check it out at HxGN LIVE


Each year at HxGN LIVE many attendees who are considering engaging in laser scanning or simply want to learn more about it attend some sessions in the Laser Scanning/HDS sub-track. In addition, they may talk with other users already engaged in laser scanning/HDS and/or check out the Leica HDS™ (High-Definition Surveying™) products in the Zone exhibit area.

The conference is an excellent venue to do that kind of homework in a non-sales type of environment. In recognition of this attendee interest, each year at the Hexagon conference we have offered a breakout session entitled Introduction to Laser Scanning/HDS, taught by one of our expert Leica HDS staff. This session is also promoted to Intergraph PPM and Hexagon Metrology track registrants, as laser scanning cuts across many parts of Hexagon’s businesses.

New for 2015 – more sessions for those thinking about getting into laser scanning

The interest in laser scanning has grown so much and so many people are thinking about getting involved in it one way or another that this year we’re offering additional breakout sessions within the Laser Scanning/HDS sub-track specifically targeted for these attendees. Consider it a parallel “mini-track,” appropriately entitled So, you’re thinking about getting into laser scanning? The mini-track, scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, 4 June, will consist of a set of back-to-back-to-back presentations by different users sharing their own engagement stories.

1. The surveyor’s take

One presentation will be by a surveyor who runs a two-person survey company. He got into scanning two years ago and rents scanners. He will describe how much his world has changed, way beyond his expectations. Another presentation will be by a surveying company that rents scanners for certain civil/infrastructure projects. The company president will describe the types of projects for which her company uses scanning, including comparative metrics versus conventional methods.

2. An architectural firm’s look at outsourcing scanning

Another presentation will be by an architectural firm that outsourced scanning on two differ-ent projects. The firm’s presenter will discuss why one project didn’t go well and the other did. She will be joined by a co-presenter from the laser scanning services firm that executed the successful project.

3. The engineering firm’s experience

Yet another presentation will describe how an engineering firm successfully got into scanning – and benefited quickly – with the help of a Leica Geosystems HDS dealer who did a lot more than just rent a scanner.

The benefits of laser scanning

Each session will describe different ways of getting into scanning, what to keep in mind when you do, and what the benefits can be when it works out.


We’re excited to add this new mini-track to the 2015 conference. Register now for any of these sessions and learn how laser scanning/HDS can benefit your business.


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