IT Rocks St Gallen!


Leica Geosystems is a leading employer in the St Gallen Lake Constance Area in Eastern Switzerland. As an innovative company, we are always looking for interesting opportunities to capture the attention of highly skilled professionals seeking a new opportunity.
The “IT Rocks St Gallen” initiative is a joint venture which has been initiated by Information and Communication Technology companies like ours, and the St Gallen Bodensee Area organisation (SGBA). The SGBA is a collaborative effort between the four cantons of St Gallen, Thurgau, Appenzell Innerrhoden, and Appenzell Ausserrhoden, which actively promotes the region to both industry and individuals. With almost 2,000 ICT companies employing around 15,000 people within this area alone, it makes the region one of the most attractive locations for the industry.

Leica Geosystems actively promotes the region as the ideal location for those who want to kick-start their career as an ICT professional and maintain a great quality of life. “IT Rocks St Gallen” showcases images of real people who choose to live and work in the region, including Software Engineers, Product Managers, System Engineers, Project Managers, Web Design Engineers, and IT Consultants.

Leica Geosystems employs over 500 Engineers in the region, half of which are working in Software Development and IT disciplines. They have the opportunity to work with the latest technologies as well as 3D Imaging and Computer Vision, real-time applications for high precision instruments, and developing smart solutions for the processing of huge datasets. This is an initiative we are proud to support and we encourage more ICT professionals to look at career opportunities in the region.

Further information about this initiative can be found at the IT Rocks! St Gallen website and IT Rocks Brochure. If you would like to learn more about embarking on a career at Leica Geosystems, please visit the Leica Geosystems Careers Page for more information on a wide range of opportunities available in Switzerland and around the globe.


Urs Nef
Human Resources Manager

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전세계 고객이 라이카의 다양한 솔루션으로 변화를 실현하는 방법을 확인할 수 있습니다.


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