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A Message from the President

In our industry, digitising has moved from a once nicety to a now required necessity. Now, we’re even beginning to see business move from just digitising to digitalisation. Whereas digitising enables businesses to automate processes, digitalisation connects parties within or with businesses not previously connected.

Digitalisation drives disruption in industries. Businesses transform into connected ecosystems. For the first time in India, an engineering firm has used our 3D paving solutions for a major highway project. Leaving stringlines behind, the completely new concept for the NIS Company has brought safer and more productive operations along with the ability to share information with key stakeholders. Merging sensors, Studio 727, a 3D visualisation firm in the Slovak Republic, used our UAV and laser scanning technology to document historical artefacts around the country. Preserving these treasures for future generations, through digitalisation the firm brought together diverse stakeholders from government entities to young start-ups.

Moving from what is today to what should be tomorrow, digitalisation bridges gaps. Recognising a distinct gap between our scientific-grade 3D laser scanners and emerging handheld and camera technologies, we aimed to democratise reality capture for everyone. With our new Leica BLK360, an imaging laser scanner operating at just the single touch of a button and able to be taken anywhere at just 1 kilogramme, anyone who wants reality capture  technology can now have it. Understanding the extreme risk surveyors take in surveying mine stopes, the global mining firm Anglogold Ashantis invested in our laser scanning technology for its operations in Brasil. By changing how these dangerous areas are measured, the firm has realised increased safety and efficiency.

Digitalising today means smarter businesses tomorrow. These are changing times for our industry, and I’m excited Hexagon Geosystems is on the forefront of shaping this smart change. Enjoy your read.

Juergen Dold
President, Hexagon Geosystems


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We believe in flawless digital capture to unleash an entire world of possibility.
We believe in flawless digital capture to unleash an entire world of possibility.