Leica Geosystems brings the world’s first MultiStation to the next level

The new version of Leica Nova MS60 enables users to perform all surveying tasks with one instrument

The new version of Leica Nova MS60, the world’s first MultiStation, enables users to perform all surveying tasks with one instrument

(Heerbrugg, Switzerland, 18 February 2020) – Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, announced today the new Leica Nova MS60. The MS60 MultiStation, brings sensor fusion to the next level by combining upgraded faster 3D laser scanning capabilities, GNSS connectivity and digital imaging with a highest-end total station.

The new MS60 features several laser scanning updates, including an incredibly fast scanning speed of up to 30,000 points per second, optimised scan area definitions, adapted scan managements, and an improved scanning path for zenith scans. The MS60 is also equipped with the unique AutoHeight feature, enabling users to save time by automatically measuring the instrument’s height with a simple button press. Measurement professionals can make decisions directly in the field performing point cloud analysis, such as flatness analysis and as-built checks in the Inspect Surface app of the MS60.

“Scan data combined with traditionally measured points, whether it’s from the total stations or the GPS receivers, is one of those immediate deliverables that help our clients see what we’re doing. With the scan data of the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation, we can graphically show – the same day it is collecting – the locations in the field to any person,” said Donald Smith, senior land surveyor and principal at BL Companies. “When you deliver on time and provide customers with a deliverable they can see, you’ve just got yourself a recurring client.”

Speed, versatility and quality in one instrument

The MS60 speeds up workflows by combining technologies in this all-in-one instrument. The MultiStation is a total station without compromises, offering advanced imaging, scanning capabilities and GNSS connectivity. With Leica Captivate field software, all measurement and scanning data can be visualised in 3D for quality and completeness checks. MS60 users can seamlessly transfer all data into Leica Infinity software to manage, process, analyse and perform a quality check. The MultiStation helps users deliver projects on time, save money and have high flexibility in the field.

The MS60 merges data in a multi-level process – total station measurements are complemented by 3D point clouds, which are automatically registered and coloured by the image information. All data perfectly fits within the same coordinate system, globally referenced by GNSS measurements or by measuring known points,” said Falko Henning, senior product manager at Leica Geosystems. “Unlike other measurement devices, the MS60 offers familiar total station capabilities and scanning functionality to fulfil job requirements on site. The operator can use the red laser pointer to perform reflectorless measurements for direct remedial work on-site or stakeout points and use the field controller even while a scan is performed. 


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Ontdek hoe klanten van over de hele wereld oplossingen van Leica Geosystems inzetten op hun projecten.

Ontdek hoe klanten van over de hele wereld oplossingen van Leica Geosystems inzetten op hun projecten.