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Case Study

Healthcare facilities provide critical services while enhancing not only the economic benefits to communities but also the quality of life of citizens. Hospitals, emergency care centres and other medical establishments also present complex building challenges.

The Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS), a not-for-profit community health system serving more than 1 million people in 18 counties across Northeast Georgia, USA, has undergone unprecedented growth in the last decade. In just one NGHS facility from 2015-2016 alone, more than:

  • 30,000 patients received care in the Emergency Department
  • 4,100 patients stayed in one of the hospital's inpatient units
  • 3,200 surgical procedures were performed.

In 2015, NGHS generated more than:

  • $1.5 billion in revenue for the local and state economy
  • $45 million in uncompensated care
  • 12,000 full-time jobs throughout the region and state.

With this much growth, several new facilities have been added to the System. Multivista construction documentation solutions have been used on five of these projects since 2008.

Locating the invisible


In the most recent project, NGHS used Multivista's Interior Exact-Built, Exterior ExactBuilt, MEP Exact-Built, and Interior Progression photo documentation services on its 119-acre Braselton medical campus.

Enabling the facility management team to see behind walls, ceilings, and even slabs eliminated many unforeseen conditions and costs.

"Multivista recently saved me approximately $100,000 by enabling me to locate several in-slab utilities," said Bill Clawson, NGHS vicepresident of Facilities. "Multivista consistently helps our projects avoid cost overruns that typically come up with renovations. With every new renovation project, I ensure that Multivista is a budgeted component of each."

In another recent renovation project, Clawson and his team used Multivista MEP Exact-Built visual documentation to see behind the walls of patient rooms. The team was installing patient monitors in 556 rooms.

"With Multivista, we were able to ensure we were not hitting anything critical and installing the mounts in the safest and most cost effective locations," said Clawson. "With this project, Multivista also saved us upwards of $100,000."

Healthcare makes up a large percentage of Multivista's client base. The company has been contracted to visually document more than 550 hospitals and clinics throughout the 70 global markets served.


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