Shaping change in construction with HxGN SMART Build


Three major trends are disrupting construction today:

  1. Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  2. Digitalisation with cloud
  3. Mobile simplification

The building construction industries are ripe for 'right-sized' technology solutions with simple and intuitive interfaces, yet very powerful technology behind the scenes. HxGN SMART Build is just that - a next-generation construction management SaaS technology that layers schedule and cost progress tracking over a 3D model for powerful 4D and 5D real-time progress and cost deviation tracking. The result is well-informed, fast decisions that ensure projects are delivered on budget and on time.

Smarter digital layout

Shaping change in construction

In addition, SMART Build ensures construction productivity and accuracy by synchronising 3D models and layout points to robotic total station software with its Digital Layout module. This lowers the BIM barrier for field teams and bridges the gap between office and field while meeting industry requirements of powerful, yet easy to use field solutions.

SMART Build enables intuitive model viewing in a connected cloud environment that eliminates the need for field teams to purchase and train on complicated desktop modelling software. Construction digital layout points can be added directly to any model object, such as concrete footings where points may be added to end points, mid points or centre points. A unique feature of the solution is the construction layout points' ability to inherit intelligence from the model. So even if the model is not used in the field by layout teams, they still reap the benefit of model intelligence such as concrete type, floor level, rebar size, etc. The user selects the model attributes, as it is configurable.

Models and layout points are exported or synced with Leica Geosystems' robotic total station field software, such as Leica iCON build construction software or Leica Captivate, for fast and accurate layout. Robotic total station single-point quality control or as-built points can be round-tripped back into the SMART Build collaborative model environment for visual comparison. When as-designed versus as-built deviations are identified, issues can be logged in the SMART Build web client, with iOS or Android apps for fast and effective collaborative team resolution.

An integrated approach

The solution also extends beyond digital layout with the ability to plan and execute construction projects by combining models, cost and schedule in one integrated platform. Users can track actual time and cost in the field in real time and continuously compare to what was planned in the office.

Hexagon is shaping change in construction with HxGN SMART Build by leveraging contemporary cloud and mobile technologies to meet the needs of the evolving construction industry.

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