Our software engineers design and develop powerful software solutions for our precision measuring instruments and systems in international and interdisciplinary teams. They closely collaborate with the product managers to create products with an optimal scope of functionalities as well as intuitive handling and modern design.

Bahar Oezkan loves her work. Though the software engineer is only 32 years old, she has been around: born in Turkey, she already worked in Germany, Texas and, in a previous station, in Tokyo. Since spring 2018, she is carrying forward her career as a software engineer at Hexagon in Switzerland.

Work is not her only passion – Bahar is also fascinated by coffee. For her aroma, scent and consistency form are the basis for a good taste. A parallel she also sees in the team work here at Hexagon. Many different personalities from diverse places in the world come together, and all have individual ideas and visions.

When communication and cooperation among colleagues are harmonious, you achieve a great result; a powerful measurement device in our case. For Bahar, the team at Hexagon is actually the best so far: “No matter the ethnic, linguistic or professional background, it’s only all about mutually creating innovations.” Bahar loves working with her team, coping with complex challenges with motivation and willpower and, of course, celebrating success collectively.


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