Centering on technology: A customer review of the HxGN LIVE Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track

The evolution of technology – both as a catalyst and a remedy – is helping us keep current in a rapidly changing world.

As life moves a little faster every day, measurement professionals must stay ahead to remain relevant and help shape the very change that is defining tomorrow’s industry.

It is no wonder then that one of the major draws of HxGN LIVE 2015 is the opportunity to learn the newest trends and how users can harness the power of new information technologies to create a better and smarter world.

A surveyor’s perspective on the Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track


David Dossey, managing partner of 1519 Surveying in Waco, Texas, United States, attended his first HxGN LIVE last year and returns this year as a Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track session speaker.

To find out what else appeals to professionals about Hexagon’s annual international conference and exhibition, we spoke with David Dossey, managing partner of 1519 Surveying in Waco, Texas, United States. Dossey attended his first HxGN LIVE last year to check out the newest products on the market. What he walked away with was so much more.

“One thing that really impressed me about HxGN LIVE 2014 was the opportunity to talk to the designers and engineers responsible for the equipment we buy and use. The opportunity to bounce questions off of them and talk about some of our challenges was priceless.”

Talking about those challenges, Dossey is looking forward to attending this year’s conference to learn how Leica Geosystems and Hexagon products and solutions can be used in the most innovative ways to overcome obstacles.

“As an industry, we’re definitely trending more ‘technology-centric’, and advanced technology was at the forefront of HxGN LIVE 2014. From the keynote to the exhibit hall to the sessions, technology was showcased,” said Dossey.
“This year, I believe the sub-track will best address this trend by conducting sessions that specifically focus on new ways to utilize technology that most professionals likely have not considered. In particular, I think we are finding new ways to use scan data and new services or applications that are a departure from what traditional survey firms have done in the past.”

A session not to be missed

Recently, Dossey and 1519 Surveying took surveying to the next level by adding a Leica Nova MS50 MultiStation to its tool box. Within a week of purchasing the all-inclusive solution, the firm went to work on several projects where it provided more precise details than any of its traditional surveying equipment allowed. 1519 Surveying’s customers were so captivated by the 3D deliverables that Dossey is presenting his experience during a Survey & Infrastructure sub-track session at HxGN LIVE 2015 in Las Vegas.

“With the MS50, we have diversified our portfolio significantly. It really is a force multiplier for the field, setting a new expectation with our customers,” said Dossey. “My session will cover ways the Leica MS50 MultiStation can be used with traditional surveying and how it can open doors into a whole new sector for others.”

Join professionals in a world-class setting

On a final note, Dossey said after attending his first HxGN LIVE, he now has “a great sense of who Leica Geosystems and Hexagon are and how passionate they are about making the best measurement products and solutions in the world.”

In 2015, he’ll be networking with his industry peers “in a world-class setting and seeing everything that Hexagon has to offer.”

To join Dossey, register for the HxGN LIVE Geosystems Surveying & Infrastructure sub-track at the Early Bird rate. Hurry, though, as this special rate ends Monday, 23 February.

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