Leica DISTO S910 Measure anything from anywhere with revolutionary P2P Technology


The new DISTO S910, Leica Geosystems revolutionizes handheld laser distance measuring. Whether you need to create as-built documentations, calculate roof dimensions, integrate data into BIM or CAD software – the Leica DISTO™ S910 calculates the measurements of any distance between two points from one location. Measure anything from anywhere – no matter what shape, how complex or how hard to reach.

The Leica DISTO™ S910 is the world’s first laser distance meter with the revolutionary P2P Technology, providing substantial application benefits to solve complex measuring tasks. Without any surveying knowledge, users can now create realistic object visualisations and high levels of fast and accurate documentation. Measurements can be instantly transferred to PC’s, smartphones and tablets via WLAN or Bluetooth® Smart technology. Alternatively, results and pictures can be also be saved on the device as DXF data and downloaded later with the USB interface for use in CAD software. The DISTO S910 fully digitalised workflow saves users valuable time….find out about the new DISTO S910 here…

See the Leica DISTO S910 3D measuring Revolution:




Easily transfers data in real-time via WLAN


The DISTO S910 measures hard-to-reach areas safely and easily.

The Shift to Digital Construction

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