Leica Nova MS60 Dynamic Lock

Dynamic Lock

With the release of Leica Captivate 2.00, Dynamic Lock has been introduced for the Leica Nova MS60 MultiStation. The new functionality has greatly improved the ability of the #MS60 to lock (detect and then follow) onto a moving prism. Feedback so far from users is absolutely fantastic!

In this blog, Hans-Martin Zogg, TPS Business Director, will explain in detail how the Dynamic Lock works and what the applications are about.

Until now, every surveyor or construction machine had to stand and wait for the total station to lock (detect and then follow) onto a target, except when the target was already in the telescope’s field-of-view. Although this takes only a few seconds, over the course of a measuring day, the amount of time and money lost can add up significantly.

The Dynamic Lock functionality on the MS60 MultiStation changed this. Users no longer need to stand and wait – the MultiStation will lock onto the target – even if the target is still moving.

This is perfect for highly dynamic applications such as:

1) Machine control

2) Staking out where the pole is often laid on the ground

3) And basically in any busy Environment

For the technically minded, here is a quick explanation as to how it works. Until now the MS60 detected and locked onto a moving prism only when a prism passes into the telescope’s field-of-view. The telescope view is of course quite narrow – around 1.5°. With the new Dynamic Lock, the field-of-view has been enlarged to a vertical laser fan of +/-20°. So any target which crosses this vertical fan will be detected and locked onto.

The best way to really experience the Dynamic Lock is to try it yourself – you won’t believe how good it is and how much time you will save until you try it!

To find out more on how it works in detail watch the How-to video:


Best regards,

Hans-Martin Zogg
TPS Business Director
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