Surveying and Engineering


Stolen and recovered within 3 hours

After a long week and a hard day’s work on a Friday evening in June 2019 on a building site in Manchester, PLP Construction’s site engineer had packed up his kit and tools and loaded it into his van and headed to the gym on his way home. After a...

The secret behind AutoHeight

The world’s first function to measure total station’s instrument height with a simple button press

Visualising the destruction, creation of an Atlanta landmark

How Multivista helped transform the Georgia Dome into The Home Depot Backyard in the United States

The not-so-surprising secret to running a successful surveying firm

After being in business for nearly 50 years, Titcomb Associates continues to raise the bar on what it means to provide quality surveying services in the United States


Quarrying a new site entrance

Quarrying a new site entrance using Leica Captivate on-board software for Gallagher Ltd and their customer J & J Franks Ltd

Scanning the top of Europe

Measuring Mount Blanc ice cap melt with the MultiStation.

Monitoring the changes of our lifetime

Monitoring climate change with the MultiStation in Greenland.

Surveying and inspecting safely from the air

Inspecting and measuring a dam in Switzerland with an UAV.

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