Surveying and Engineering

Winning total construction services supported by surveying

How Leica Geosystems instruments provided cost-saving benefits for monitoring and construction applications.

why surveying is more than a job - blogger Alexey Petrin from Russia

Why surveying is more than just a job

Developing the surveying business by staying on top of the latest technological advancements has always been the main prerogative of our surveyor in focus, Alexey Petrin.

Monitoring Melbourne’s railways

City infrastructures are not built overnight. In between planning, design and construction, there are other crucial activities – just like monitoring happening at the same time.

Come la Warner Land Surveys utilizza il Leica Nova TS60

L'azienda utilizza una serie tecnologie di misurazione e posizionamento all'avanguardia per garantire che ogni progetto sia eseguito con precisione

Misura della nuvola di punti... con un rover GNSS

Misurazione della nuvola di punti georeferenziati con il rover RTK GNSS Leica GS18 I

Surveying Germany’s Biggest Aqua Park

By expanding his surveying portfolio, Keller has been able to provide all surveying services for the plan and construction of a water park in Germany

Surveying to protect Granny’s Bay from coastal erosion

Surveying service provider company offers best-in-class services with positioning, measuring and laser scanning technology

Improving county access to high-resolution imagery

Creating a high-resolution aerial imagery basemap with the HxGN Content Program in the United States

Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier

Hexagon’s Geosystems Division President Juergen Dold presented ideas and case studies where the entire planet can be digitised at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, USA

Building a better future with measuring technology

Opening opportunities through vocational training, delivering drinking water and building better schools in Tanzania using Leica Geosystems’ construction tools

Measuring aerosols caused by biomass burning

Using Micro Pulse LiDAR, researchers at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement on the remote island of Ascension collected data to understand how biomass burning airborne particles impact the climate

Mapping underwater terrain with bathymetric LiDAR

High-resolution bathymetric surveys support aquaculture research in Canada and increase navigational safety in the Pacific Ocean

Supporting artificial intelligence solution to parking problem

Combining artificial intelligence and orthorectified aerial imagery to create parking lots in Germany

Il segreto dietro all' AutoHeight

La prima funzione al mondo per misurare l’altezza semplicemente premendo un pulsante

Visualizzazione della distruzione e creazione di un punto di riferimento

Come Multivista ha contribuito a trasformare il Georgia Dome nell’Home Depot Backyard ad Atlanta, Stati Uniti

Il segreto non così sorprendente di gestire con successo una società di servizi topografici

Dopo un’attività di quasi 50 anni, la Titcomb Associates continua ad alzare il livello per quanto riguarda la fornitura di servizi topografici di qualità negli Stati Uniti.

Il segreto dietro all' AutoHeight

La prima funzione al mondo per misurare l’altezza semplicemente premendo un pulsante

Quarrying a new site entrance

Quarrying a new site entrance using Leica Captivate on-board software for Gallagher Ltd and their customer J & J Franks Ltd

Scanning the top of Europe

Measuring Mount Blanc ice cap melt with the MultiStation.

Monitoring the changes of our lifetime

Monitoring climate change with the MultiStation in Greenland.

Surveying and inspecting safely from the air

Inspecting and measuring a dam in Switzerland with an UAV.

Innovating as-built verification

Nova MS60 used for 3D measurements of bridge abutments and piers in a trial of an innovative method of as-built verification for a governmental i-Construction project in Japan

Measuring a world record attempt for highest altitude catch

How Leica Geosystems instruments supported to measure Brendan Fevola with the reigning Guinness World Record holder for highest altitude catch of an American football.

Il segreto dietro all' AutoHeight

La prima funzione al mondo per misurare l’altezza semplicemente premendo un pulsante