Monitoring solutions for surveyors

The best sensor for every monitoring application

Monitoring can start from simple, manual solutions, and be easily scaled up into more complex, automated solutions. Leica Geosystems monitoring solutions can combine geodetic, geotechnical, and meteorological sensors for reliable, precise data acquisition and secure data transmission with advanced processing, sophisticated analysis, reporting and visual representation.

Whether for permanent or temporary installations, our solutions are easily scalable from simple manual sites to large real-time monitoring projects by supplementing your setup with additional hardware and software options from Leica Geosystems' and IDS GeoRadar's monitoring solutions. With dedicated hardware, such as total stations, digital levels, GNSS receivers, GNSS antennas, inclination sensors, radar, meteorological sensors and software, our monitoring solutions are customisable to monitor any human activity or natural process.

Watch the webinar below to see how our new generation of monitoring software and monitoring total stations provide a complete solution tailored to any project needs.

Start small with manual monitoring

Manual monitoring, also known as campaign or periodic monitoring, can be performed by any surveyor who can take measurements with surveying equipment. Surveyors can get started with manual monitoring with mostly the same measuring equipment as that used for general land surveying. This type of monitoring requires the surveyor to visit the site each time to make the measurements. Once measurement data is processed, and analysed a manual report is generated and sent to the client.

Are you looking to get into monitoring? In the blog below, we walk you through small steps to leap surveying to monitoring.

Grow with semi-automated monitoring

Scaling up to semi-automated -or campaign- monitoring is simple, with only the need for a Leica Geosystems total station and the on-board TPS Monitoring App. This allows surveyors to perform the measurements fully automatically, once the measuring equipment is initially set up. Then with an internet connection, data can be automatically sent to the cloud for review as part of the data collection process.

Using these dedicated monitoring software and services, surveyors can easily transfer data for review and processing before generating reports automatically. Leica Geosystems’ TPS Monitoring App, a Viva or Captivate app, allows to automate measurement data acquisition, improve quality control and assurance with automation and upload to GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition directly from the field. GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition is a simple-to-use, web-based service, designed that allows surveyors to display and publish their campaign monitoring data with ease to a professional standard.

Get an overview of Leica Geosystems’ web-based analysis and visualisation application for monitoring projects - GeoMoS Now! Survey Edition.  

Provide real-time automated monitoring

Using dedicated automated monitoring software, surveyors can capture, process and transfer data, all in real-time with the ability to generate reports automatically. Automated -or continuous monitoring can be simple to set up and be configured by any surveyor who can undertake measurements with surveying equipment following initial training.

With specialised measuring equipment, such as the Leica TM60 monitoring total station, and GeoMoS software suite, surveyors can scale up to automated monitoring with minimal additional learning or resources. With GeoMoS Monitor software surveyors can acquire and automatically process monitoring data, while GeoMoS Now! allows them to analyse, visualise and publish the data online.

Leica Geosystems monitoring solutions provide seamless integration of hardware and software. Simple to use, intuitive to install, the sensors can be easily connected to the cloud or locally installed GeoMoS software, which instantaneously informs you about any movements and changes. The comprehensive visualisation of results is always easily accessible, over the browser from any mobile device, optimising operation costs and time for surveying teams.

See how monitoring total stations, 4500 prism reflectors and a raft of other geotechnical sensors are used in the latest central station metro works in Sydney, Australia.

Use your surveying skills to get into monitoring

Surveyors are already experts in most of the techniques used in structural monitoring. Monitoring and surveying experts work with dimensions or coordinates, use measuring equipment (TPS/GNSS/levels) and similar measurement techniques, have similar sources of errors and output data for visualisation. In monitoring, however, the focus is on measuring defined points on an object repeatedly the same way and observing how the measurements change over time.

With a flair for analysing measurement data, preparing reports and delivering the most accurate measurements, surveyors are a natural fit for this speciality. Learn how you can deliver the accuracy needed for monitoring applications in our learning section. 

Talk to one of our monitoring experts and find the best solution for you.

Improve your skills

Learn the skills to be more efficient and react to business opportunities. Unlock your potential to offer better, faster and more specialised services to your clients.
Learn the skills to be more efficient and react to business opportunities. Unlock your potential to offer better, faster and more specialised services to your clients.