Reduce Risk and Exceed Expectations by Connecting the Digital World to the Real World


Your work demands maximum productivity and the ability to deliver outstanding results on increasingly complex projects. Our construction solutions are designed from the ground up with your needs in mind.

From simple and intuitive workflows to automated routines and fully integrated hardware and software, we make it easy for you to gain new efficiencies with technology that is intelligent and trustworthy. Whether you need to capture discrete measurement points or photorealistic, highly accurate point clouds, our solutions empower you to build with confidence.

Accurately capture existing conditions and easily add that information to your drawings and models. Eliminate mistakes by working with collaborative models in the field. And head off problems before they materialize by automating quality assurance. Our intelligent construction solutions empower you to fully round-trip your data to create a complete 3D building lifecycle.



Minimize costly and frustrating surprises in the building construction process by connecting the digital world to the real world.


Achieve quality and efficiency in construction by connecting the digital world to the real world.