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Civil engineering and excavating contractors now, more than ever need accurate, highly reliable and up-to-date information about underground utilities - available for immediate use. Consideration should always be given to knowing the exact location of all buried utilities before excavation and construction processes start, reducing the risk of utility strikes and enabling efficient planning.
Using latest Leica detection technologies, localising underground assets becomes a simple and efficient task, increasing safety of crews on-site and assuring protection of buried utilities, ultimately minimising health and safety risks, unplanned costs and downtime.
Leica Geosystems Detection Solutions provide the most streamlined and integrated detection process in the field, covering avoidance, verification and mapping workflows combined with positioning systems and machine control.

Health and safety for excavations

Take no risk and prevent utility strikes. Discover detection solutions that increase health and safety of crew on-site and minimise downtime and unplanned costs during excavation works.

Cable Locators

Cable locators are a must have for every contractor breaking ground, allowing for simple and efficient localisation of power cables and conductive utilities, such as telecom cables and metallic pipes.

Utility Detection Radar

Detect and identify utilities on site with ground penetrating radar technology.

How to reduce utility strikes

Without the right preparations, these utility strikes – also known as service strikes or hits – can occur with alarming regularity and can result in serious injury or even death.

Utility mapping for planning and verification

Solutions that combine underground detection process with a topographical survey delivering a digital map of underground network.

Utility Detection Radar

For maximum flexibility in detection and mapping of all types of utilities reach out for the most versatile DS2000 utility radar. Use it in small and large areas, single...

Revealing rail’s underground with detection radar

Pipes, fibre optic cables, steel pipes, power cables, communication lines, among others, need to be accurately...

Utility localisation for repair and maintenance works

Solutions for efficient and precise localisation of underground utilities to conduct repair and maintenance works.

Leica DSX Utility Detection Radar

Conducting repair and maintenance work ona particular utility can be challenging as other assets underground need to be kept intact. DSX utility radar was designed to find...

Leica DS2000 Utility Detection Radar

Detect and map utilities with combination GPR and positioning solutions

Experts Insights

Learn more with what our experts have to say about utilities detection.

Leica DSX Utility Detection Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar, A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Of The Leica DSX Detecting Utilities

Utility Detection Made Easier, Faster, and Safer

Unlike any other GPR, the DSX utility maximises productivity with edge...

Detection Blog

Read about the technology and best practices on how to detect utilities.

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