Science & Education

Understanding global changes with science and education solutions

Archaeology & Heritage

Leica ScanStation C10:
Preserving an African legacy (PDF)

Leica ALS70:
Revealing Angkor Wat's secrets (PDF)

Architectural Science

Leica ScanStation C10:
Laser light on gothic architecture (PDF)

Leica ScanStation P40 /P30:
Digitally documenting history for future generations (PDF)

Geodesy & Surveying

Leica TS30:
Leica TS30 measures lifting cranes (PDF)

Leica Viva GS25, Leica Viva GS14, Leica Viva GS15:
Mobile robots with Leica GPS1200 (PDF)

Leica GNSS Spider and Leica GMX902:
GNSS observation of volcanic activities in Sakurajima (PDF)