Reality Capture

Create the Most Current and Accurate 3D Maps with Innovative Aerial, Terrestrial and Mobile Solutions


Your ability to deliver information-rich, high accuracy maps requires sensors and software that capture the real world without compromises. Leica Geosystems, the pioneer in laser scanning, continues to lead the way in providing reality capture solutions that are powerful and precise.

From handheld scanners that document interior spaces at the touch of a button; to professional terrestrial laser scanners that are unmatched in speed, quality and reliability; to highly accurate mobile mapping systems that provide the ultimate flexibility; to industry-leading airborne sensors that capture high detail from a distance; and to the software that brings it all together into high-value, actionable information--no other manufacturer provides such a comprehensive set of Solutions.

Build better cities that support smart expansion. Create detailed, realistic digital models of coastal beds to understand environmental changes and mitigate natural and manmade disasters. Map the perfect plan for critical infrastructure, support safe and energy-efficient building construction, and create the most current and accurate maps of the natural world. Our innovative reality capture solutions empower you to design an ideal future.


Digital World

Design an ideal future by quickly and accurately capturing reality with innovative sensor solutions.

Digital Infrastructure

Map the perfect plan for critical infrastructure with powerful terrestrial and aerial solutions.

Digital City

Build better cities by applying innovative airborne, mobile mapping and asset management solutions.

Digital Building

Support safe and energy-efficient construction by capturing and modeling digital reality indoors and out.

Digital Sea & River Floor

Create detailed, realistic digital models of coastal beds through the use of robust handheld data collectors and airborne sensors.

State-of-the-Art Mapping

Create the most current and accurate maps by accurately capturing manmade structures, natural formations and below-water objects.