Bernese GNSS Software

GNSS software for the academic field.

Leica Captivate

Leica Captivate

Immersive 3D field software to capture and manage data.

Leica Infinity

Leica Infinity geospatial office software suite is designed to manage, process, analyse and quality check field survey data from UAVs and terrestrial surveying equipment

Leica SmartWorx Viva

Field software for any application.

Leica Geo Office

Powerful office software to manage and process survey data.

Leica SpiderQC

Quality monitoring software to complement Leica GNSS Spider.

WEBINAR: Unexpected Benefits of Touch-Technology Survey Software

Surveyors like Shawn Crawford are calling Leica Captivate software “a giant leap forward” and “the future of surveying.” Find out why in this highly engaging webinar.

Pure Surveying

Innovation that puts the human side of surveying first.

WEBINAR: Putting Survey Technology to Work: Four Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity

Find out why successful surveyors have begun making strategic investments in new technology and what questions you should ask to challenge manufacturers on their claims.