Transforming Road Construction: How technology contributes to shaping the global landscape

Learn how our solutions support contractors in each phase of a road construction project

As part of Hexagon, Leica Geosystems and its sister companies provide technology solutions tailored to your unique requirements in road construction projects. Our comprehensive suite spans the entire construction lifecycle and provides cutting-edge technologies for each phase.

Explore our vast offerings, from mobile mapping and reality capture to machine control solutions for any application. Emphasising the pivotal importance of cost-effectiveness and long-term gains, our solutions are meticulously crafted to deliver transformative outcomes. Reduced operational costs, heightened efficiency, and substantial environmental benefits are the cornerstones of our technology offerings.

Deliverables before, during and after the construction phase

From pre-construction planning through the execution phase to post-construction reports and infrastructure monitoring, our innovative technologies empower project stakeholders with the insights needed to make informed decisions, optimise resource utilisation, and enhance overall project outcomes.

Our comprehensive suite of offerings is designed to revolutionise data capture, processing, and documentation throughout the entire construction lifecycle. The portfolio of hardware and software solutions enables accurate and real-time data acquisition on the field. A seamless connection and integration to office applications and intuitive interfaces allows for fast processing, comprehensive takeoffs and powerful analysis.


Solutions for each phase of the construction process

Move materials at the right time, at the right place, and in the right amounts by leveraging easy-to-use and easy-to-adopt technology to deliver projects on time, to specification, within budget, and on safety and sustainability.

With our machine control solutions for all heavy machinery, you can perform complex tasks more accurately. Complementary solutions enable seamless operations by simplifying progress measuring and design data handling.

Ready to revolutionise your road construction projects? Contact us today to explore how our solutions meet the specific challenges and opportunities of your operations. Whether your focus is on highways, urban roads, or any road construction project, our team is ready to partner with you on the road to success.

Contact us today to explore how our solutions meet the specific challenges and opportunities of your operations.

Case studies

Explore the success stories of how Leica Geosystems has partnered with road construction professionals around the world to implement solutions that align with the unique needs of any project.

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