Employee Stories

Exceptional employees for a remarkable place to work

Employee Stories


Every face of smart change has a different story, yet they all share the same passion – the desire to drive smart change to close the gap between what is and what should be.

Read their stories to meet some of the drivers of smart change, learn from their career advice and laugh with their fun facts.


Karl Van Autreve

Work-life balance lessons and fun facts from a Metallica fan and smart change driver

Valeshka Rodrigues

Excelling at work with organisation and determination

Marco Labate

Ins and outs of a Technical and Sales Support Manager with two decades at Leica Geosystems

Jodi Delorme

Delivering airborne imagery from the sky to the cloud

Jorge Eduardo Serna

A driver of smart change shares insights, lessons and fun facts

Kostas Bartjokas

A driver of smart change shares his insights for success and the true meaning of leadership

Katy Broder

When Katy Broder isn’t breaking through wood blocks for her karate class, she’s breaking through challenges for the Geosystems business.

Tommy Buch

A driver of smart change shares career insights and his experience as a “Six Star Finisher”

Miguel Gomez

Turning ideas into action to add value to customers’ Leica Geosystems solutions

Geosystems’ Got Talent

From Heerbrugg to the finals of America’s Got Talent

Julie Raulet

Meet a young technician kick-starting her career at Leica Geosystems

John Kerrigan

Helping departments to work in sync to reach goals

Nicolette Beggache

Meet Nicky, a problem solver supporting customers with troubleshooting guru skills