Why Work at Leica Geosystems?

We are proud of our culture of innovation, quality, and thought leadership in the industries that we serve. Built on a heritage of excellence we are shaping the future with transformative products, solutions and service that deliver value to our customers every day. So why work at Leica Geosystems:


Global thinking, local acting
Our success is driven by our 4,500 employees in 33 countries. Staying close to the markets we serve is key to being responsive to the needs of our customer.

Values driven
Our values are at the centre of how we make decisions and what we expect from each other.

Exciting technology

Our leading solutions and services are used across a broad range of industries including surveying, mining, transportation, utilities, safety and security, and construction.

Dynamic colleagues
The opportunity to work with the best encourages us all to work at a high level and continue to learn and grow within the company.

Part of Hexagon
We share a common vision with our parent company to deliver actionable information through technologies that empower customers to reach their full potential and shape smart change across diverse industry landscapes.


At Leica Geosystems, we want you to advance your career with us. Take a look at the various job opportunities presently available at our company.

Shaping smart change 
today. tomorrow. together.


Learning & Development

At Leica Geosystems, we invest in our employees to further their own professional development and to support business growth and innovation.

Performance & Leadership

By promoting strong leadership and a performance management culture throughout our company, we continue to drive our business forward.

Jodi Delorme

Delivering airborne imagery from the sky to the cloud

Jorge Eduardo Serna

A driver of smart change shares insights, lessons and fun facts

Kostas Bartjokas

A driver of smart change shares his insights for success and the true meaning of leadership

Katy Broder

When Katy Broder isn’t breaking through wood blocks for her karate class, she’s breaking through challenges for the Geosystems business.

Tommy Buch

A driver of smart change shares career insights and his experience as a “Six Star Finisher”

Miguel Gomez

Turning ideas into action to add value to customers’ Leica Geosystems solutions