Hidden Discovery New Leica UTILIFINDER finds buried utilities


Released today, the new Leica UTILIFINDER+ locates buried utilities for excavations on domestic properties.

Thousands of underground utility strikes are reported every year. Striking these buried utilities can result in significant damage, project delay, increased costs and personal harm. Searching for the utilities before excavation work even begins can prevent these mishaps.

The Leica UTILIFINDER+ provides an effective solution for anyone excavating on domestic properties, giving you the confidence to accurately locate these buried utilities.

This utility avoidance system also offers operators the additional benefit of Auto Mode, UTILIDRAIN Mode and depth estimation when used with UTILIGEN or UTILIDRAIN.

Auto Mode

Select to find electric cables and additional utilities with a detectable signal.


Use the Leica UTILIGEN to apply a detectable signal to utilities


Use the Leica UTILIDRAIN to find the position of sewers and find blockages.

To learn more about the new Leica UTILIFINDER+, click here.

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