Leica Infinity Surveying Software - Imaging 

Create point clouds and measure points from images.

Infinity's Imaging tools enable you to get the most out of your imaging data and make fewer trips back to the field. Supporting image import from multiple sensors, Infinity Imaging enables you to add context to your project, generate 2D and 3D deliverables including dense point clouds, digital surface models, orthophotos, and even measure from images. Detailed reports offer an overview of your results with quality assurance to support informed decisions.

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Work with images

Import images from a variety of sources to help capture the moment, and to create 2D and 3D data deliverables.

  • Easily import images from Leica GS18I RTK imaging smart antennas, Leica Imaging Total Stations and the Leica BLK3D.
  • Import images from fixed wing or rotary UAVs, and even handheld devices like your smartphone.
  • Import and generate georeferenced images to display as background maps.

Add photogrammetry deliverables to your survey workflows

Transform your UAV or hand held image data into survey information using point clouds, classification, surfaces, feature extraction and inspection tools.

  • Trust your deliverables and save time by combining your imaging data with total station, GNSS, laser scanner and digital level data.
  • With a few easy steps you can create quality point clouds, digital surface models, and true orthophotos
  • Tune your data outputs with simple options for point cloud density, filters for cleaner point clouds, and settings for sharp edges and color balanced true orthophotos.
  • Choose from options to best optimize processing times without compromising data quality.

Create dense point clouds, digital surface models, and orthophotos

  • Generate a dense point cloud from UAV images and terrestrial data that you can use to create surface and contours, calculate volumes, and more.
  • Generate digital surface models based on the dense point cloud.
  • Create orthophotos to digitize features, use as background maps, or export.

Measure points from images

Leave no point left behind when you can measure points from images in Infinity. Whether working in environments not optimal for GNSS or points were simply missed in the field, measuring from images gives you an easier way to finish your workflow from the office.

  • Work with image groups and orient to ground control points for best accuracy.
  • Measure forgotten points from images calculating 3D positions from selected images.
  • Easily zoom in and out to select the exact point you need to measure.

Infinity Imaging Playlist

Explore the playlist below for an introduction to the Imaging module along with specialised videos on processing UAV images, georeferencing, measuring from points, and more.

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