Infinity Surveying Software - Surfaces 

Tools to generate surfaces, create comparison maps, and calculate volumes.

Infinity provides tools for generating surfaces and contours from your project data. Use surfaces to calculate volumes, create cut fill reports, and generate comparison maps including tolerances, enabling you deliver detailed reports that support informed decisions.


Create the surface you need from your project data using a variety of methods including 2.5d and 3d.

  • Import surfaces from different sources and combine with measured data.
  • Create new surfaces by different triangulation methods to ensure the best results.
  • Fill holes, fix edges, and include or exclude features to use as breaklines, exclusion areas, and boundaries.
  • Easily create contours with flexible display settings.


Turn your measurement data into actionable insights with Infinity’s tools for stockpile volume calculations, supporting a range of calculation methods and detailed reporting.

  • Create quick stockpile calculations.
  • Compute volumes between different surfaces or design data.
  • Deliver detailed reports covering all calculation methods.

Cut Fill and Comparison Maps

Infinity provides tools to help you visualise differences between designed and measured surfaces and generate detailed reports so your stakeholders can make informed decisions.

  • Easily generate cut and fill differences from surfaces.
  • Compare surfaces or point cloud data to find differences.
  • Create out of tolerance features that can be used back in the field for locating areas needing to be addressed.
  • Archive your data and provide detailed reporting.

Infinity Surfaces Playlist

Explore the videos below to learn how to create comparison maps and calculate stockpile volumes.

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