Infinity Surveying Software - Survey & Stakeout

Tools to enhance your surveying workflow from office to field to finish.

Use Infinity to make your entire surveying workflow more efficient, from office to field to finish. Prepare field work from design data or create the data you need before sending to the field for stakeout work. After measuring, bring the data back to the office to work with or reprocess to verify results and quality, and provide reports to stakeholders.

Office to field and field to finish

Use Infinity to build your optimized field to finish workflow, and interact with variety of Survey CAD packages to deliver.

  • Use Infinity to build your survey project and bring all the data together to ensure you are prepared for any field job including coordinate systems, background images and thematic data.
  • Finish in the office what you don't get done in the field with tools to create or edit feature data.
  • Ensure your data is survey grade, using tools to post process and confirm quality control.
  • Document each step of the way: deliver and archive all your project work with a report for each step or every result.


Across your stakeout workflow, from design to deliverable, Infinity has tools to streamline preparation, processing, and reporting.

  • Prepare data from design files for use with stakeout applications in the field.
  • Benefit from streamlined data flow with Leica Captivate by pairing with GeoCloud Drive for easy file transfer and storage via the cloud.
  • Use Leica ConX to connect and manage your construction tasks with iCON site software.
  • Extract data and bring stakeout results back to the office.
  • Visualise, review results, and create as-staked reports.


Infinity offers a wide range of tools for coordinate geometry (COGO) computations so you can quickly and easily compute additional position information from measured or design data.

  • Calculate angles, bearings, distances, and intersections between points and lines.
  • Compute new points based on existing features.
  • Segment or divide features.
  • Shift, rotate, and scale selected data.

Infinity Survey & Stakeout Playlist

Explore the playlist below to learn more about using Infinity in your survey and stakeout work.

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