Latest LISTECH Neo release enhances workflows


Latest release of LISTECH Neo includes new features and significant enhancements.

Neo Extruded

LISTECH Neo surveying and geospatial software now includes enhanced modelling, volumes, reporting, imagery, and data exchange and processing.

The integrated 3D/2D environment of Neo offers many new features, including:

Import and export support for Cyclone Object Exchange (COE) files

Import of Esri Grid ASCII and MapInfo Vertical Mapper Grid files . These along with many other enhancements extend Neo’s seamless transfer of information to and from BIM, GIS, CAD, Field Sensors and various other systems.

Calculate, create, query and report

Neo’s rigorous geodetic functionality now includes support for the Japanese coordinate systems JGD-1..19. 3D and 2D transformation parameters can be quickly calculated applied and saved for future use.

Quickly generate comparison reports for points to various objects, such as:

  • Points
  • Lines
  • Shapes
  • Terrain models

Compute volumes between terrain models, create height difference models, and develop no cut/no fill lines. Create extruded planar profile shapes from polygons easily. Use the new Query tool to perform repetitious tasks.


Coding intelligence

The new enhancements to the Leica Survey Xchange module allows for automatic feature code processing to create line work based on feature coding collected on Leica FlexLine and DBX instruments (Nova, Viva and Captivate).

Codelists can be quickly created for the Leica FlexLine instruments in the same way the Leica DBX Codelist is created. Attributes are now able to be set to either optional, mandatory or fixed, allowing feature code lists and libraries to be made more intelligent.

Additional Online Imagery Services

Neo's already extensive imaging functionality continues to grow with the additional support of Web Map Service (WMS) being added to the existing Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) in Image Connect to display dynamic geo-referenced images. Neo’s imaging already includes Image Xtract for the creation of points, lines and areas from images captured by total stations, and Image GeoRef for geo-referencing images to serve as a background for vector data.

For a free evaluation and complete details about Neo, please visit or e-mail .


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