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Recently, Leica Geosystems introduced a long-range Bluetooth stick - the CTR35. We have asked Danuta Kusber, product manager at Leica Geosystems, to explain more about the CTR35.

Danuta, what exactly is the CTR35 and why has it been introduced?

The CTR35 is a (removable) long-range Bluetooth stick for the Leica CS35 tablet.

This stick extends the robotic working distance when using a CS35 tablet connected with any Leica Viva total station or Nova MultiStation - that is, the distance between the user with the CS35 on the detail pole and the instrument.

Leica Captivate

We have introduced the CTR35 since it is obviously an advantage to a user to be able to measure points robotically at greater distances from the instrument - this means the instrument needs to be moved less often, saving time and money.

What distances are now possible?

As with all wireless devices, this depends a lot on the environment in which the CS35 tablet and instrument are being used. It also heavily depends on if video is being streamed from the instrument to the CS35 or not (video means a lot more data, which means a reduced range).

What do I need to know when using the CTR35 for the first time?

OK - be aware of the following:

  • The CTR35 can only be used when Leica Captivate v2. or higher is installed on the CS35. It cannot be used with previous versions.
  • A "how-to" video is available which fully explains how to connect, setup and use the CTR35 - definitely watch this video below!

Danuta, thanks for your time.

My pleasure!

Leica Captivate

Danuta Kusber, product manager at Leica


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