Leica DISTO D2 how-to videos

Learn more about using the new Leica DISTO™ D2. Leica Geosystems has created easy-to-understand training videos, providing you, along with our online manual, everything you need to know to successfully measure with our intelligent endpiece and some functions.

1. How to use the intelligent end piece

Learn how to measure using the DISTO™ D2 endpiece in different measuring situations – flat or edges, out of corners or notches. How to measure a diagonal in the Min/Max mode and how to set the reference from the front

2. How to use the painter function

We are going to use the Leica DISTO™ D2 to figure out the total wall area of a room that needs to be painted. First you will have to measure the length of the walls and then you have to subtract the area of the door and window.

Leica Disto

3. How to use the volume function

See how easy you can measure a simple rectangular room with the help of the volume function.

Get additional information like perimeter measurement of the room and total wall area.

More about the DISTO™ D2

Leica Disto

Cornelia Dietz,
Marketing project manager Leica Geosystems


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