3D Avoidance Zone system

Automatic height, depth and slew hydraulic control for excavators to protect both concealed and visible heavy construction assets and infrastructure.

Leica MC1 machine control software with the 3D digital avoidance zone for protecting construction assets and infrastructure.
The nightmare of every heavy construction project manager is to witness cost overruns and missed delivery deadlines, especially when these are related to accidents and damages due to human error. Could you have avoided some of these incidents? The good news is, you now can. Leica Geosystems and Xwatch Safety Solutions have jointly developed a new solution to safeguard construction assets and infrastructure on site. The two systems are connected together by a CAN bus communication channel to create one of the world's first solutions for safety and productivity in a 3D world. This system is unique to Xwatch and Leica Geosystems. The revolutionary combined solution will allow users to create or import 3D avoidance zones above and below the surface area, directly within the Leica MC1 machine control software.

The operator can quickly create or use imported avoidance zones in the in-cabin Leica MCP80 panel, which will then trigger the hydraulic functions of the excavator to slow down or even entirely stop once approaching these zones. It is also effortless to use for the operator, and has the ability to disable the motion of the machine's tracks so it cannot breach environmental sites, power cables, or drainage. Other critical avoidance areas include overhead obstructions such as powerlines, underground services, and operations in close proximity to pedestrian walkways, live carriageways, and public roads.


This new solution not only improves safety for construction workers and pedestrians around busy work sites, but also protects existing and newly built infrastructure. In addition, the system safeguards construction assets which, if interrupted, has a significant potential for generating extra costs and delays. The underground avoidance system enables control and safe excavation around services for power, gas, water and other potentially hazardous products buried beneath the surface.

This solution is made possible by combining the state-of-the-art Leica MC1 machine control software and the top-of-the-line XW5 Series from Xwatch Safety solutions. The long-standing experience of Xwatch in safety systems, and the expertise in machine control solutions from Leica Geosystems, have resulted in a solution that transforms and redefines the safety standards in the industry. 

Your benefits

Whether you are a business owner, project manager or health and safety specialist, investment on the 3D Avoidance Zone system will pay back sooner than you can image. The solution minimises downtime, reduces unforeseen costs, but mostly, provides a safer environment for machine operators and nearby workers.

Let us also not forget the hassle of having to deal with all the admin work and stakeholder management required when external providers' infrastructure has been struck. Elevate your business by offering controlled project management and a safer workplace for your most importance assets; your people.

The 3D avoidance zones

The 3D Avoidance Zone system supports various workflows for setting them up:

- Operators can use the excavator bucket to log-in points and set their own avoidance zones.
- Operators can select and set the avoidance zones directly from their 3D project file.
- Underground avoidance zones can be defined based on underground detection model files.

And you are ready to go!

How it works

The 3D Avoidance Zone solution is designed and available for excavators with the Leica MC1 3D machine control solution. Xwatch will supply a new hydraulic box and in-cabin connections to the Leica MCP80 panel. Once the avoidance zones are defined, you can do your work and let the system watch out for danger!

When approaching an avoidance zone, the system will take control of the machine's height, depth and slew movements to ensure you are not entering a no-go area. The hydraulic control is proportional, meaning there is a speed ramp down toward an avoidance zone before coming to a complete stop. The Leica MC1 software will trigger a visual warning that needs to be acknowledged before continuing operation.

How to get it

Your local Leica Geosystems representative can provide to you the latest information on the machine control solutions for your operations, and more details on other Leica Geosystems safety awareness solutions, such as the ConX Safety Awareness Module and the Leica iCON PA10, iCON PA80 and CAS solutions.

Xwatch Safety solutions is available to support through their worldwide approved partner network or by contacting them directly with your inquiry here.

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Safety Awareness Info sheet

Download this information sheet to learn more about which safety awareness solution is the right one for your jobsite.
Download this information sheet to learn more about which safety awareness solution is the right one for your jobsite.