Leica iCON iRD3 – Driller Solution

Increase performance, accuracy and safety for drillers

3D solution for drill rigs

Leica iRD3 is the flexible and fast 3D machine control solution to precisely and safely guide operators to the exact point and depths needed for drilling in a construction project. iRD3 is connected to all other operations on the construction project, enabling a seamless integration and data workflow.

One solution, complete control

The all-in-one machine control platform from Leica Geosystems now includes the iCON rig solutions. iRD3 supports the IREDES, KOF, and LandXML file formats and integrates seamlessly with the iCON portfolio like Leica ConX for project data sharing, project progress monitoring and as-built documentation. Create drill pattern in iCON site and import it directly into the MC1 software on the panel.

Easy to use

The iRD3 guides the drill operator to the exact position and depth, avoiding rework and human errors by visualising project progress on an intuitive user interface. 3D colour-coded drill pattern can be shared in the project for project monitoring and the assistive user interface with adaptive bullseye zoom, and intuitive menu and navigation system assist the operator to work faster and more accurately.


The iRD3 offers several configurations for maximum flexibility. Antennas can be mounted in the tower or on the body of the machine for maximum accuracy and speed. Operators can now work in any GNSS-denied areas, such as cities, with dual total station positioning. The Leica iRD3 can integrate with manufacturers' own sensor configuration and interface with manufacturers' own Process Data Recording system, which means that the as-built information can be directly exported to manufacturers' own as-built reporting system.

Higher quality and safety

Leica iRD3 is a digital solution that eliminates the need for manual stake-out. Job site safety is improved because less workers are present around the machine, and the operator can work from the machine's cabin. Leica iRD3's accurate navigation and correct depth and angles of drilled holes ensure a uniform drill pattern. The blast results are more controlled and safer with better rock fragmentation and less use of explosives.


All-in-one solution

Simplified and connected solutions for increasing staff productivity on site and unifying design data for seamless workflows are essential to keep margin gains and generate...

Leica ConX

Efficient management of all your connected construction projects and real time exchange of job-related data with all stakeholders.

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