New updates to HDS software brings better access to Digital Reality

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Leica Geosystems High Definition Surveying software undergoes several updates.

Leica Geosystems, global leader of measurement and reality capture technologies, has made several progressive updates to its popular High Definition Surveying (HDS) software for 3D laser scanning.

"As businesses move further and further into digitalisation, our users need clearer and better access to the digital realities they work in on a daily business to achieve their objectives," said Faheem Khan, Leica Geosystems vice-president for HDS Business Development. "With these new HDS software updates, our users can now easily and efficiently achieve that access to be more productive in the capture, analysis and delivery phases of the project, and achieve higher return on investment."

Sensor Fusion

Enhancement in Leica Cyclone’s auto-registration feature means customers can take advantage of target-less scanning in the field and leverage the speed and robustness improvements through the new SmartAlign tool, using timestamp or schematic association. For external imaging sensor users (iSTAR, Spheron, Nodal Ninja), the new auto-image align routine removes inefficiency in the process today.

Updates in Leica JetStream have enabled viewing unlimited size point clouds - all the data, all the time - in a stand-alone free viewer that can be handed over to all stakeholders. Such viewing, along with direct reading, means no time-consuming format exports/imports.

Mobile mapping imagery, including images and track trajectory information, can also be read directly in the software, such information can be delivered in the form of TruViews or used for CAD deliverables.

Managing digital realities

With updates in Leica TruView Global, asset management systems can now easily be linked to digital realities via GeoTags. TruView Global also brings all multi-sensor data and 3D models into a light-weight web-accessible platform, providing easy collaboration and new features create easy-access through searching and lists of hotlinks and mark-ups.

TruViews can now be published in higher resolution (4k) imagery for better visualization. These positions can be auto-generated from terrestrial or mobile mapping scans or user-defined at any location, from any data source (terrestrial, mobile, aerial, handheld) and anywhere in the cloud.

Enhancements to JetStream now allows users to produce fly-through videos from projects of even larger extent with productive tools such as User Coordinate System, Clips, Slices and Limit box to view, access and experience digital realities. In addition, users can produce a standalone JetStream Viewer File to share digital reality data with everyone.

Productive CAD workflows

Leica CloudWorx for AutoCAD has been updated with several breakthrough features that delivers greater productivity for deliverable production:

  • QuickSlice and Auto-Fit Polyline for fast 2D linework from point clouds
  • Clash and unique Anti-Clash for easy clash investigation and management - now with exportable results for reporting
  • In addition to Cyclone and JetStream technology, CloudWorx for AutoCAD now directly supports Autodesk Recap

To learn more about these updates and how HDS can improve your business, contact your local Leica Geosystems representative today.

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Read how customers from around the world are putting our diverse solutions into action to shape smart change.

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