Laser Scanning for Survey and Infrastructure Applications

Leverage the power of point clouds for measurement and mapping.


Measurement is at the heart of the survey profession. When the success of a project depends on your data, you need the most dependable, precise and accurate measurements from your hardware and a simple software solution to match. Laser scanning delivers the detail, accuracy and speed you need. Create rich deliverables with unparalleled efficiency, ranging from maps to models and more.

Ease of use is key when working with data. Confusion can lead to creeping timelines and costly mistakes that slow or even halt a project. Leica Geosystems prioritises quality and simplicity from end-to-end so you have confidence in your data and effectively communicate your results with everyone, from project manager and designers to external project stakeholders.


Case Studies

From the laser scanner to office in near real time

Scanning the Netherlands' gas transportation network and reducing deliverables time.

Mirroring reality for rail

Laser scanning several locomotives for quality control with visual and actionable data.



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Laser Scanning Industry Applications

With the introduction of laser scanning, measuring and documenting is simplified and improved across all industries.

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