Leica Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER

Publish to any TruView platform with a single, simple license

Leica Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER

Leica Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER lets your take advantage of the capabilities of all three TruView platforms depending on you and your clients’ needs.

Whether you choose the lightweight TruView web plugin or the robust or the self-managed TruView Enterprise, Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER is your route to TruView - the industry’s most flexible and intuitive digital reality data viewer.

No matter which TruView viewing platform you chose, your users will gain access to a diverse set of tools to aid in visualisation and collaboration, including measurement, markups, snapshots, GeoTags and Hyperlinks. Using TruView is intuitive - no CAD or 3D experience required. Simply point and click to access a wealth of 3D information from any web-enabled desktop, laptop or tablet.

If you plan to publish to JetStream as well, consider Cyclone PUBLISHER Pro to publish all your data with a single, simple license.

Features and benefits

  • Cyclone TruView PUBLISHER allows for the Publication of TruView *.tvg datasets for simple, drag-and-drop use in TruView Enterprise as well as HTML, image and 3D information for use in the TruView ActiveX plugin for Internet Explorer
  • Publish from Cyclone REGISTER or Cyclone REGISTER 360
  • TruView Cloud users can take advantage of direct export options from Cyclone REGISTER products without a TruView PUBLISHER License or accept *.tvg data from third parties.

Picking the right TruView platform

TruView Local

A free, no-install viewer, compatible with Internet Explorer. Perfect for sharing TruViews with organisations with IT hurdles for new software or as a marketing tool for prospective customers. No login, just launch the viewer and explore.

TruView Enterprise

A robust viewer deployable on your in-house network or appropriate ISP server. Customisable interface and user-by-user controls make this the perfect option for a firm with multiple ongoing projects and strong internal IT capabilities and/or requirements.

TruView Cloud

A secure, Leica-Geosystems hosted cloud viewer. Customisable URL and unlimited portals and users make this a scalable solution for firms large and small who want a turn-key point cloud viewer that requires no IT expertise or maintenance.

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