Capture Platforms

Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate

Leica Pegasus:Two Ultimate

Seamless 360-degree imagery calibrated to the point cloud

Leica Pegasus:Two

Vehicle-independent mobile mapping solution.

Leica Pegasus:Backpack

Easily capture data indoors, outdoors and underground.

Leica Pegasus:Stream

Ground penetrating radar mobile mapping solution.


SiTrack:One on-rail maintenance with DMI for positioning.

Leica ProScan

Mobile platform to increase your laser scanning productivity.

WEBINAR: From Static to Mobile Scanning: What You Need to Know Before You Make Your Move

In this 60-minute webinar, Joseph Romano of Langan and Josh Rayburn of Leica Geosystems will walk you through the benefits of adding mobile mapping to your static scanning...

Leica Geosystems mobile reality capture

Leica Geosystems Mobile Sensor Platforms

WEBINAR: SLAM in a Backpack: The Next Generation of 3D Mapping

Join Kristian Morin and Joshua Rayburn of Leica Geosystems as they help you navigate the potential of SLAM (simultaneous location and mapping).

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