Infinity Surveying Software - Point Clouds 

Register and process laser scans and combine with all your survey sensor data.

Whether scanning buildings, industrial plants, tunnels, or other survey sites, you need a streamlined way to group point clouds from multiple setups and combine data from other high-accuracy sensors. Leica Infinity provides an all-in-one workflow to register, process, and prepare data from Leica Geosystems laser scanners, GNSS sensors, total stations and more into a unified point cloud (UPC). Benefit from a one-software solution to combine, classify, and create with all your data in one view before sharing results, continuing in Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE or Leica CloudWorx, or exporting the point cloud to work in industry formats.   Learn more below about how Infinity enables work with all your sensor data, removing the need for additional software, and accomplishing more with less.

Point Cloud Registration

When you need to align point clouds from your laser scanners with high-accuracy survey data from other sensors, Leica Infinity provides point cloud registration tools to easily combine multi-source data.

  • Supporting Leica BLK360, Leica RTC360, and Leica BLK3D data, use different registration methods, including targets or cloud to cloud alignment.
  • Integrate point clouds with your control data from total stations, GNSS, or other measurements.
  • Optimise and create a unified point cloud (UPC).
  • Automatically generate registration reports to streamline quality assurance.

Working with Point Clouds

Once you’ve combined your data from all sensors, benefit from a complete data overview and tools to evaluate and work with the UPC.

  • Classify point cloud attributes to generate additional data from the point cloud.
  • Clean, automatically remove noisy data, and reduce the density of the point cloud.
  • Using the clipping functionality, temporarily turn off other point cloud data to focus on the details.
  • Use point cloud to create surfaces with contours, quickly compute stockpile volumes, create cut fill or comparison maps and discrete points, and complete virtual survey work with line and area features.

Visualise Point Clouds

With several ways to visualise data, Infinity provides registration tools and enables a complete view of your combined data.

  • Use the 2D site map view, scan group view, and setup view for top-down visualisations that make registration simpler and faster.
  • View your unified point cloud as a navigable 3D model which you can zoom, and pan, and create flythroughs, giving you access to a detailed overview of the full data from all sensors.
  • Use different colour modes, turn on shading, and adjust point cloud and density settings to get the most relevant view of your data.

Export Point Cloud Data

Stay connected, not limited, with a range of export options to continue processing, including an easy workflow with Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE.

  • Publish your point cloud directly in Cyclone ENTERPRISE to benefit from a range of processing tools.
  • Export the UPC into LGS files and many supported industry standard file formats to continue deliverable creation in the software of your choice.

Infinity Point Cloud Playlist

Explore the playlist below to learn more about working with point clouds in Infinity and benefit from how-to walkthroughs to get started with your laser scanner.

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