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Stay connected to Leica Geosystems services, external data projects, maps, GIS data, and more.

Infinity connects you with a range of online services to access, augment, and share project data, saving you time. Benefit from data transfer, GNSS reference data, feature maps, GIS data, point cloud publishing, and external project services - all directly accessible in your Infinity project.

Leica Geosystems Services

Make the most of your Leica Geosystems ecosystem with a range of connected services that improve your work and dataflow and provide high accuracy data for post-processing.

  • Transfer data easily between the field and the office with GeoCloud Drive, the cloud-based surveying data management service.
  • For construction applications, use Leica ConX with iCON build or iCON site to assign data to projects or to machines working on building sites.
  • Publish all your point clouds by connecting to Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE or Leica Geosystems’ Powered by Jetstream products.
  • Directly connect to HxGN SmartNet to download GNSS data for post processing, allowing you to deliver the final result faster.

Project Data Services

Infinity allows you to easily connect to a range of external services for improved project management and data access, saving you time and simplifying your workflow. Connect to Bricsys 24/7, Autodesk BIM 360, Bently ProjectWise, Procore, or vGIS.

  • Connect and download data directly to your Infinity project.
  • Make sure design data is read for field campaigns by extracting the right data needed for the task.
  • Document and directly share the results at any stage of your project.

Map Services

With a wide range of map services, including the Hexagon Content Program, Open Street Map, and Map Services (WMS, WMST, WFS), enhance your projects by adding context and visualisations.

  • Visualise, reference, and relate your data by integrating map services into your Infinity project.
  • Access and use feature services to extract vector data, images, thematic features and information with your survey data.
  • Extract the right features and information in the project for verification or locating features in the field.

GIS Services

Connect to GIS data sources including ESRI ArcGIS online and webservices to connect your survey work.

  • Access feature services to view GIS data and use the Get Features tool to download data for field work.
  • Connect all your measured data to the right features and thematic layers, and push webmaps to share your survey work.
  • Bring accuracy to all mapping, maintenance, and inspection of assets.

Infinity Services Playlist

Explore the playlist below to learn how easy it is to integrate a range of services into your Infinity workflow.

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