Leica GeoMoS Adjustment Software

Automatic network adjustment and deformation analysis

Leica GeoMoS Adjustment  Software

Construction sites, tunnels, mines, dams, slopes – wherever you need the most precise and reliable information on structural movement. Leica GeoMoS Adjustment allows you to make informed decisions based on statistically optimised and validated data.

Leica GeoMoS Adjustment provides automatic network adjustment and deformation analysis for all monitoring projects.

GeoMoS Adjustment seamlessly integrates into the GeoMoS automatic monitoring solution and displays data in GeoMoS Now!

Most accurate method for detecting movements

  • Combination of measurements from multiple total stations and/or GPS/GNSS
  • Robust adjustment ensuring the highest precision and reliability
  • Automatic detection of outliers

Statistical significance of movements = better decision making

  • Statistically qualify the movements – is it really moving?
  • Quantify the precision and reliability of the monitoring system

Detection of unstable points

  • Distinguish movement of the structure from problems in the reference frame
  • Identify which reference points are stable and which are not

Graphical analysis & presentation of results        
Simple and clear diagrams are used to show the magnitude, precision, pattern and statistical significance of the movements. Unstable reference points and monitoring points that have significant movements are clearly identified. Easily compare the results of different epochs.

Network design mode

  • Simulate the mathematical geometry to optimise the network accuracy and reliability
  • Import estimated monitoring system points
  • ptimise your network planning by adjusting the network geometry, network topology and accuracy

Extended analysis Services
Consultation, training and data analysis services are available. Highly qualified engineers have more than 20 years of experience in high precision deformation surveys, network adjustment and deformation analysis in a wide range of projects.


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