Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 - 3D Laserccanning Point Cloud Registratie Software

De kracht van Cyclone, vereenvoudigd

Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 is de nieuwste upgrade naar de nummer één puntwolk-registratiesoftware, Cyclone REGISTER. Dit geheel nieuwe product is vanaf de basis opgebouwd en biedt geheel nieuwe mogelijkheden, van eenvoudige, begeleide workflows tot geautomatiseerde registratie en klantklare deliverables met één klik op de knop.

REGISTER 360 stelt gebruikers van elk vaardigheidsniveau in staat om slimmer te werken, resultaten accurater te leveren, gedetailleerder te visualiseren en effectiever samen te werken - gebruikers centraal stellen in hun projecten.

Of het nu wordt gebruikt als een stand-alone oplossing of als onderdeel van een end-to-end geïntegreerde oplossing voor digitale realiteit, Cyclone REGISTER 360 is uw snelste en gemakkelijkste optie om de klus direct vanaf de eerste keer goed te klaren.


Drag, Drop, Done. From project creation to final reporting, project completion is significantly faster thanks to multi-threaded batch routines, one-step import and processing, guided workflows, built-in QA/QC tools and automated reporting to save considerable time and guesswork while delivering higher productivity. Users of the Leica RTC360 3D laser scanner can also leverage the system’s unique on-bard pre-registration feature to further accelerate the process.


Cyclone REGISTER 360 scales to your needs so even new users can execute large projects with the simple, yet powerful interface.


Deliver professional-level project deliverables with ease. Cyclone REGISTER 360 provides guided registration workflows to assist new users and speed the process for experienced users. Intuitive QA tools and reporting take the guesswork out of determining the quality of your registration, and put all the information you need at your fingertips. Batch export your final products to numerous industry-standard formats or the all-new Leica Geosystems Universal project file (LGS). Even push your data direct to the cloud for collaboration with the click of a button.

Field to Finished

Cyclone REGISTER 360 is part of the integrated RTC360 Field-to-Finished solution. Taking advantage of the RTC360’s Visual Inertial System (VIS), Cyclone REGISTER 360 will automatically place project data on real-world coordinates and complete a registration with little to no manual assistance from the user. Projects can be published into the all-new Leica Geosystems Universal project file (LGS) for use downstream in every HDS Software product. One file, endless possibilities.


15-Day Free Trial

Trial Cyclone REGISTER 360, our industry-leading 3D laser scanning point cloud registration software for free!

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Cyclone REGISTER 360 is nu beschikbaar voor de BLK360

15-Day Free Trial

Trial Cyclone REGISTER 360, our industry-leading 3D laser scanning point cloud registration software for free!

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