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Leica JetStream Enterprise HDS Pont Cloud software

Leica Geosystems is proud to offer a collection of products developed exclusively for distribution by Leica Geosystems which leverage our core JetStream technology, bringing universal access to reality capture data via smarter, ‘publish once’ workflows. JetStream powers both a centralised project workflow in our Enterprise management server for collaborative streaming, as well as a local, shareable workflow via LGS files. JetStream technology powers instant visualisation and full data access, including:

  • Point clouds
  • Imagery (including HDR and IR when available from Leica Geosystems sensors)
  • GeoTags (geo-located hotlinks) and their attached and associated media assets
  • Assets (such as photos, videos, text files, reports, and more)
  • Markups
  • Extensive metadata

JetStream technology is a collection of core Leica Geossstems’ reality capture software technology components. JetStream technology powers the Leica Cyclone product family and are deployed by Geosystems partners to super-charge their solutions and optimise reality capture workflows. Leica Geosystems is bringing added value beyond just point clouds and imagery to the market’s best-in-class workflows. The Powered by JetStream partner products range from in-field applications to automated Building Information Modeling (BIM) extraction and specialty data analysis, all powered by the unique JetStream technology.

Learn more about our currently available, exclusive Powered by JetStream partner products below or contact us for more information.

Pointfuse - Powered by JetStream

Pointfuse powered by JetStream, bridges the gap between reality capture and digital construction. It automatically converts point cloud data, including the LGS format and all other popular file formats, into intelligent as-built mesh models that can be classified and used in any industry CAD or BIM system. From these classified meshes, Pointfuse automatically creates Revit family place holders for walls, doors and windows. With specialised settings for Leica Geosystems sensors, Pointfuse, powered by JetStream is an ideal companion for the Leica BLK2GO and BLK360 as a streamlined solution for creating LOD200 BIM used with BIM and CAFM systems.

Pointfuse has been designed with a focus on ease of use to help reduce project overheads. Industry case studies have shown that the Pointfuse flexible tool set can reduce time to delivery by approximately 70% in comparison to existing workflows. Pointfuse’s proprietary mesh segmentation and classification delivers highly optimised models, reducing the size of working data by a factor of up to 100. This ensures that the ongoing use of the model is accessible for all working on the project, across most devices.

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