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Leica Geosystems tilbyder en række produkter, der er designet af branchepartnere med markedsledende løsninger. Disse Powered by JetStream-produkter udnytter vores centrale JetStream-teknologi – en kombination af vigtige Leica Geosystems-softwarekomponenter til registrering af virkeligheden. Med problemfri forbindelse til softwareøkosystemet for registrering af virkeligheden giver Powered by JetStream-produkter mulighed for både centraliserede projektarbejdsprocesser og samarbejdsstreaming med Leica Cyclone ENTERPRISE og lokale arbejdsprocesser, der kan deles via LGS-filer. Leica Geosystems er stolte af at kunne tilbyde Verity powered by JetStream, Rithm powered by JetStream og PointFuse powered by JetStream.

PointFuse - Powered by JetStream

PointFuse powered by JetStream enables you to create intelligent mesh models of any environment by automatically converting point cloud data, including LGS files and other popular formats, into as-built models that can be classified and used in any industry CAD or BIM system. Designed with a focus on ease of use and scalability, PointFuse’s mesh segmentation and classification delivers highly optimised models quickly - typically 70% faster than traditional methods, saving time and money. Additionally, specialised settings for Leica Geosystems sensors make PointFuse an ideal companion for the BLK2GO and BLK360 as a streamlined solution.

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PointFuse Case Study: Envision Speeds up Workflows 94% with Leica Geosystems and PointFuse Powered by Jetstream
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Rithm - Powered by Jetstream

Rithm powered by JetStream provides insights on deviation analysis for steel beams, slabs, and concrete decks to US standards. View exported heatmaps directly on architectural drawings, making cut/fill areas easy to identify. Systematically address or verify the status of steel beams before and after concrete pouring to uncover any deflection for informed critical decisions. Work with raw RTC360 scans in the field and leverage the speed of the laser scanner to go from data capture to FF/FL inspection (ASTM1155 compliant) and reporting in less than 5 minutes - a game changer for correcting concrete pours before they set. In the office, work with complete, geo-referenced LGS files or JetStream projects within the powerful, free TruView Viewer.

Verity - Powered by JetStream

Verity powered by JetStream is an automated construction verification software that compares laser scans of as-built conditions against any 3D Navisworks model to generate accurate quality assessments. Verity powered by JetStream helps users understand existing work to lower risks and reduce the financial impact of rework by identifying missing elements early in the process. Verify an entire project automatically in the time it takes to spot-check 5% manually. Stay on schedule by sharing variance data for immediate remediation and use Verity Web Reports to provide easy access to models, point clouds, and reports. Automatically create a true as-built model and update in Navisworks to reflect real-world conditions and export point clouds to the correct design platform so subcontractors can make updates quickly.

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