Mobile mapping a disaster area

Chapter 2: Accessing the inaccessible

Accessing the inaccessible

Allowing the surveyors to cross into areas where standard vehicles couldn’t and the ability to quickly collect and analyse data, the Italian public administration of the affected area has been absolutely impressed.

“We depend on various street view tools to understand damage during natural disasters and other accidents like this, but we really appreciate the possibility to use acquired data along days, months, even years to assess how we’re recovering,” said Dolo Mayor Alberto Polo. “The Backpack makes that possibility a reality. With this Big Data aspect, our technical operators can evaluate damages with an higher accuracy than ever before.”

With the Pegasus:Backpack, the public authorities of the municipalities impacted have been able to rely on acquired data and information to measure the progress of cleanup.

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Story: Mobile mapping a disaster area
Chapter 1: Understanding through mobile mapping
Chapter 2: Accessing the inaccessible
Chapter 3: Future developments for recovery

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