Reality Capture

Digitally preserving Hukuru Miskiy

Documenting digitally Malé Hukuru Miskiy and its exceptional coral stone carvings in the Maldives

Scans, spans and automobiles

Amey Roads uses BLK360 to survey bridges in Northern Ireland

Revolutionising the luxury yacht building industry with laser scanning

3D laser scanning revolutionises the luxury yacht building industry in the Netherlands

Documenting London’s boroughs to solve parking problem

Helping drivers find and reserve parking spaces across London with mobile mapping

Surpassing customer needs with 3D laser scanning

Capturing 3D point cloud data to create accurate as-built 3D models for AEC customers in Japan

Revolutionising Smart Factories with reality capture

Digitalising warehouses with laser scanning to design modern automated factories around the world

Mapping crashes and collisions at record speed

Leica RTC360 laser scanner satisfies the SAPD Collision Investigations Unit’s need for speed in the United States

Transforming reality into photorealistic Virtual Reality with laser scanning

Creating engaging VR trainings for public safety with the RTC360 in England

Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier

Hexagon’s Geosystems Division President Juergen Dold presented ideas and case studies where the entire planet can be digitised at HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas, USA

Creating new 3D experiences and services for real estate

Redefining speed and quality to create a wide range of deliverables for the real estate industry using the Leica BLK360 in the United Kingdom

Anspruchsvolle Absteckungen meistern

Komplexe Architektur in Australien mit der digitalen automatisierten Totalstation vereinfachen

How Element6 delivers the future of plant engineering with laser scanning

Using laser scanning with a digital Virtual Plant Design approach to create an innovative business model in the United States

Digitising the construction site from the air

Leica Geosystems UAV technology brings the construction site into the digital age and turns data into intelligent information to improve decisionmaking processes

Laser scanning from heights

Laser scanning at a 6-metre height and 20 kilometres per hour with the RTC360 mounted on a vehicle tripod in Italy

Visualising the destruction, creation of an Atlanta landmark

How Multivista helped transform the Georgia Dome into The Home Depot Backyard in the United States

Behind the scenes of the fastest laser scanner on the market

Revealing the secrets behind the world´s fastest 3D laser scanner, the Leica RTC360.

Von 70 Meilen Highway-Kartierung bis zum vollständigen konstruktiven Entwurf in 99 Tagen

Die Durchführung eines anspruchsvollen Highway-Kartierungsprojekts über 70 Meilen in den USA in nur 99 Tagen

Brückeninspektion mit dem Aibot X6

Brückeninspektion AiviewGroup

Mit dem UAV (unbemanntes Flugobjekt) Aibot X6 gewinnt das italienische Unternehmen AiviewGroup hochpräzise Daten für die Brückeninspektion und kann somit jährlich mehr als 4000 Bauten zu vermessen, inspizieren und warten.

How to measure an island

Using the UAV by Leica Geosystems, Atlantic Geomatics surveyed a cultural heritage site using a new workflow.

Capturing Fast and Accurate Data for Highways England Area

Mapping the last frontier

Measuring the depths of lakes in Alaska with the Chiroptera.

Exploring the surface below water

Exploring shallow water environments for new markets.

Revolution in motion

Safely surveying a busy roadway with the Pegasus:Two.

Advancing geomatics techniques for heritage restoration

Learning to preserve historical and architectural heritage in India at an International documentation workshop

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