Transportation Infrastructure

Providing limitless versatility and high precision

Leica Geosystems provides easy access to adaptable monitoring solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Be it monitoring bridges, tunnels or the geometry of railway tracks, for surrounding construction impact or ground instability, aging infrastructure or maximising the lifetime of infrastructure, we have the right solution for you. With the ability to provide a full solution, all from one reliable vendor, we provide software that is developed to work seamlessly with in-house, high-end sensors, like total stations and GNSS, as well as other 3rd party geotechnical and environmental sensors, along with expert support and consultation. Monitor with real-time information and rely on reports generated automatically based on a customisable schedule.

"We were thoroughly impressed with the automated monitoring solution from Leica Geosystems. The off-the-shelf package not only provided us with the level of precision, detail and accuracy that was demanded of the project, but it also required no one to work unsociable hours, unless movement is detected and the alarm raised. The solution gave us 100% confidence in the project and allowed us to collect valuable information to analyse and submit to Network Rail, giving them the evidence their infrastructure remained unaffected, and the confidence in our continuing works."

Jamie Beech,
Agent for BAM Nuttall

Case Studies

Monitoring Dublin Commuters’ Safety

Construction of a group of commercial buildings were monitored to ensure the integrity of the transportation system.

Moving a Capital City Forward

Saudi Arabia’s first rail metro will have six lines with 85 stations covering 176 kilometres with about 40 per cent of the lines underground.

Innovative System Ensures Vertical Alignment of Gerald Desmond Bridge

The Gerald Desmond Bridge is being replaced and will be California’s first long span, cable-stayed bridge, with an additional 50 feet of clearance, making it one of the...

Ensuring Smooth Flow

Germany’s busy Kiel Canal has been used as an international shipping lane for more than 100 years.

Software Products

Leica GeoMoS

Flexible Softwarelösung für automatisches Deformationsmonitoring

Leica GeoMoS Now!

Analysieren & visualisieren Sie Überwachungsdaten, egal, wo Sie sich befinden.

Leica CrossCheck

Mehrzweck-GNSS-Analysewerkzeug zur Qualitätskontrolle und -überwachung

Leica GNSS Spider

Software für die Verwaltung und Verarbeitung von GNSS-Referenzstationen

Leica GeoMos Adjustment

Automatische Ausgleichung und Deformationsanalyse zu Monitoringzwecken

Hardware Products

Leica Nova TM50

Genaueste und zuverlässigste Monitoring-Totalstation mit Kamera

Leica GM30


Leica GMX902 Serie

GNSS Empfänger für Monitoringanwendungen

Leica GMX910

GNSS-Empfänger mit integrierter Antenne für Überwachungsanwendungen

Leica M-Com

Die erste Plug & Play-Lösung für Monitoringzwecke.


Präzise Messung von Neigungsvektor und Temperatur.

Leica ScanStation P50

Der schnellste und sicherste 3D-Laserscanner mit großer Reichweite.

Leica Nova MS60

Die weltweit erste selbstlernende MultiStation passt sich automatisch den aktuellen Umgebungbedingungen an, so unterschiedlich diese auch sein mögen.


Intelligente Luftbildvermessungslösung für die Vermessungs- und Baubranche.


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