Joining forces for reliability

Chapter 1: Introduction

Author: Cornelia Dietz, December 2016

Laser technology has changed the way levelling is done. Thanks to the clear and consistent red laser beam on the walls, site workers can always count on a reliable and steady height reference.

Lomar, the industry leader in innovative machines for levelling cement floors, chose Leica Geosystems as its partner for laser technology. Among all of the products researched, Lomar selected Leica Geosystems for passing its rigorous testing.

“We need a reliable brand that guarantees the best quality and is available everywhere, as our ambition is to sell our solution all over the world,” said Silvio Deda, owner of Lomar".

Story: Joining forces for reliability
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Technology you can count on
Chapter 3: Combining technologies for precision

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