Leica DX Manager Mapping

One central dashboard for all the Leica Geosystems Detection solutions

Leica DX Manager Utility Mapping Solution - Detection Systems

Leica DX Manager is the only enterprise grade utility mapping solution on the market. A unique cloud-powered solution that delivers unparalleled performance. Manage projects, tasks and spatial data from one central dashboard for all the Leica Geosystems Detection solutions.

Update drawings, raw data, location pictures, data layers and mobile forms remotely and in a period of real time operate at an enterprise level rather than having to manually update individual users one at a time. With the Leica DX Manager, you have all dashboards, status updates and project management tools in one platform. Now, project managers can track field operations in real time and make critical decisions with a broader understanding of the current situation.

Key benefits

  • Simplified processes
  • Improvement of data quality and accuracy
  • Consistent data collection methods
  • Integration of DS2000, cable locators and asset mapping data
  • Workflows to maintain data integrity

Manage the whole workflow

Share data to all devices and users within your organisation.

  • Analyse maps result
  • Visualise on online maps
  • Filter on users, within date ranges or any attributes
  • Export to standard GIS and CAD formats
  • Share data to your clients

An easy-to-use online portal allows management of all aspects of documenting utility location tasks. The user can switch between street view, satellite imagery and cartographic street maps. Field acquired survey data becomes instantly available and can be accessed by users anytime and anywhere.

Utility detection integration

Leica DX Manager integrates the entire Leica Geosystems Detection portfolio into a simple survey workflow, empowering the user to apply locator depth measurements to GNSS measurements. The result is a seamless fusion of both worlds – with all locator related data reviewable either in Leica DX Manager or any export format.

  • Locate the utility
  • Measure the depth
  • All location data is sent directly to the Leica DX Field application on the GNSS device
  • It triggers the GNSS measurement on the mapping device
  • All data is integrated into the features metadata

Maximum user experience and productivity

Leica DX Field mobile app is designed for productivity and maximum user experience and built for enforcing data quality and accuracy.  

  • Easy mapping / surveying of assets
  • Smart mobile forms
  • Immediate visualisation on map
  • Metadata collection
  • Automatic sync with Cloud
  • Full offline capabilities

Make sure your measured data always matches your quality expectations (up to centimetres with RTK) as Leica DX Manager notifications steadily monitor the system parameters. All quality parameters are stored as metadata. Next to the utility mapping aspect, it delivers work orders, time tracking and document management.

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Find your Leica Geosystems contact for sales, support and technical service.