Leica DSX Utility Detection Solution

Uncovering utilities clearly and effortlessly

Reliable utility detection for everyone – simple detection workflow and results that anyone can understand

For utility repair and maintenance, civil engineering and surveying companies, the Leica DSX utility detection solution, consisting of a portable hardware with intuitive software allows to easily locate, visualise and map utilities. Unlike any other ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, the Leica DSX maximises productivity with cutting-edge software that automates data analysis and creates a 3D utility map on the field.

Ease of Use

  • Ensure smooth and accurate underground utility detection without expert knowledge
  • Complete utility detection and mapping in just a few steps through intuitive user interface
  • Scan anywhere and at any time, even in narrow areas and under severe conditions

Instant 2D/3D Utility Map

  • Save your time on site by mapping underground utilities in just minutes
  • Export utilities in CAD or BIM-read formats for further usage
  • Create professional reports on site to be used and shared immediately

Reliable Detection Results

  • Detect all types of underground utilities in high resolution to assure reliable avoidance zones
  • Verify detected utilities with support of smart algorithm
  • Import of POI's and utility records to help you make better decisions

Integrated Solution

  • Offer a complete workflow from acquire to excavate
  • Locate underground utilities with survey-grade accuracy
  • Generate utility maps, compatible with all coordinate reference systems
  • Export, store, share and access data on major Cloud service providers
  • Maximize troubleshooting efficiency by sharing diagnostics data in real time

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Utility detection for avoidance and mapping - Uncovering Data, Digitalise Reality

Surveyors, utility companies and contractors, now more than ever, need accurate, highly reliable, and up-to-date information – available for immediate use. Using the latest technology, detecting underground features becomes a simple and efficient task, increasing your safety and the protection of buried utilities. Our detection solutions provide a truly streamlined process from the field to the office, and back again, able to cover the entire utility detection, avoidance and mapping workflow with integrated solutions.