Leica iCON pave milling

3D machine control for milling machines

Experience the unique benefits of Leica iCON machine control solutions for your milling machines. Get your milling job done faster, more efficiently and right the first time. Save time and costs by avoiding the manual work of spraying and typing in of values.

The 3D milling solution from Leica Geosystems ensures a smooth and even milled surface preparing the ground for later asphalt paving, saving time and costly asphalt mix. iCON pave makes the milling work for the operator and contractor easier and at lower costs.

3D solution

Avoid over milling, eliminate copying effect and avoid the inaccuracy of conventional work to achieve a smooth and even milled surface according to the requirement for the subsequent paving process.

No more spraying

Eliminate the manual surveying job of spraying the milling depth on the asphalt and manually entering the depth information into the machine system.

Benefit from several sensor configurations

With the new iCON pave milling, we offer several sensor configurations including the innovative 1UP configuration that combines dual GNSS with a prism and total station solution.

One for All

The new common MC1 software and MCP80 hardware platform assures ease-of-use and better utilisation because the menu and user interface is set up in a similar way for all paving applications, and the panel can be used for the asphalt paving application.

New all-in-one machine control platform from Leica Geosystems

Leica Geosystems delivers a new intelligent and intuitive hardware and software platform.

iCON pave with 1UP configuration for curb and gutter

Leica Geosystems offers iCON pave with 1UP configuration for curb and gutter machines.

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