Pre site detection to establish exiting utilities

These days there are more and more utilities in the ground and many of them are not at the correct depth.

Pre-site detection 

J. Wilson Contractors Ltd (JWC), based in Wrexham, is a well-established family run business offering their clients groundwork, tailored civil engineering and utility services. The company is well established within the construction industry and works for some of the UK's biggest developers, providing the service of trial hole excavations/investigations and reports, coordination and management of diversions, trench excavations and duct installations for new infrastructure.

JWC is a firm believer that health and safety is paramount out on the field and therefore has demonstrated a professional approach by seeking the best available equipment on the market to minimise any risks associated with excavation work around utilities. For utility repair and maintenance, civil engineering and surveying companies, the Leica Geosystems DSX utility detection solution, consisting of portable hardware with intuitive software, allows engineers to easily locate, visualise and map existing utilities. Unlike any other ground penetrating radar (GPR) system, the Leica DSX maximises productivity with cutting-edge software that automates data analysis and creates a 3D utility map in the field.

Although previous Radiodetection has worked well for basic tracing to date, the business wanted to improve the accuracy of tracing/scanning methods. The introduction of the DSX has helped us to achieve this. We can now identify untraceable materials in the ground such as PE pipes which will also provide clients with an idea of actual depths as well as locations” James Wilson - Managing Director, J. Wilson Contractors

There are now more utilities in the ground than ever, and a lot of them do not have sufficient cover and are backfilled in the wrong materials, which can make locating them and excavating more difficult. By investing in the latest technology, JWC are able to locate utilities with pinpoint accuracy to excavate safely. Many developers are now purchasing pockets of land but do not have much knowledge regarding what is passing through the prosed site underground. The DSX is a valuable addition to JWC and provides them and their clients with detailed information regarding what passes through their sites.

As a business who prides itself on the work we do, JWC wanted to take that extra step and locate services that could not be found using standard tracing equipment. We now have a solution to this and can provide our clients with detailed information regarding the location of underground utilities.

The accurate detection of underground utilities, the ability to visualise the 3D map out in the field in high resolution and the smooth process of transferring the data on to a topographical and CAD design was a key feature in the selection of the Leica Geosystems DSX solution. With the expansion of their service offerings, with implementation support from the team at M&P, JWC are able to provide their clients with the quickest and most accurate surveys possible, which enables them to easily locate, visualise and map out existing utilities underground.


The team from M&P have assisted when asked upon and provided J. Wilson Contractors Ltd with an excellent service regarding introducing the new equipment including training and guidance.

The initial reaction from the team at JWC were extremely positive. Their belief was that the DSX solutions is exactly what was now needed to provide clients with a full utility detection service. Not only can JWC scan and excavate trial holes, but also survey a site and confirm to clients if there are any utilities present and the approximate depth. DSX offers complete utility detection and mapping in just a few steps. The DSX has enabled JWC to offer their clients a ‘one stop shop’ for all their surveying and trial hole needs, knowing that they will receive a full detailed report/ designs upon completion of the work.

This solution has now added to the services that J. Wilson Contractors Ltd can offer to its clients and has generated interest and increased valued orders. Our aim is to carry out GPR Surveys for new and existing clients and to do this we will be using the DSX for the foreseeable future.

J. Wilson Contractors Ltd 

Operating nationwide, their dedicated team has over 15 years’ experience of working for some of the UK’s biggest housing developers, completing in depth on-site and off-site trial hole investigations, installation of new residential and commercial utility apparatus including water, gas, electric and telecommunications as well as other groundworks and civil engineering works.
Other specialist services include water main replacements, directional drilling for new services and ducts, temporary site supplies, substation, and kiosk base installations. The business prides itself on the quality service offered to it’s clients at a competitive cost. As a business, they pride themselves on what they do, and their end goal is to be  a developer’s first choice when it comes to surveying and trial holes by offering them a first-class, cost-effective service within minimal timescales.


We're the survey and safety equipment specialists
It all began in 1983, when Les and Carole Poole founded M&P with the intention of supplying the surveying, civil engineering and construction industries with a reliable and personable survey and safety equipment service. 
After becoming the very first, and longest-serving, Leica Geosystems’ ‘Authorised Distributor and Service Partner in the UK’, M&P Survey Equipment became part of Hexagon in 2016. A leading provider of surveying hardware and software together with comprehensive solutions for construction, monitoring, measuring, marking, detection and safety, M&P is the customer’s first choice for survey and safety equipment every time. 
With years of experience providing expert solutions, our customers are at the heart of everything we do and we continually invest in our team, our service, and our hire fleet, to ensure that the high levels of service that has made us a stand out name in the industry continues.



Leica DSX地中レーダー探査システム


Detection Solutions

Leica Geosystems Detection Solutions provide the most streamlined and integrated detection process in the field, covering avoidance, verification and mapping workflows combined with positioning systems and machine control.
Leica Geosystems Detection Solutions provide the most streamlined and integrated detection process in the field, covering avoidance, verification and mapping workflows...